May 15, 2018

Counselor’s Corner 5-15-2018

EMCA Counselor’s Corner updated 5-15-2018

EMCA’s School Code: 012221 

Upcoming Deadline DATES to note:

May 20 – Niche $1000 Scholarship, create an account to apply 

May 25-27 – HOBY Alabama Seminar at Troy University, see Mrs. Price for details  

May 29 – $1000 ‘You Deserve It’ Scholarship

May 30 – $1,500 scholarship, based on an essay response about starting an online business

May 31 – Cappex $1000 Easy Money Scholarship

May 31 – Niche $2000 No Essay Scholarship

May 31 – 30-second video entry required  for possible $5000 scholarship   

May 31 – No GPA requirements, no recommendations, no applications, just three steps (including a community service photo)

May 31 – #WhataBigIdeaContest Share with us a big idea you think could change the world for a chance at winning up to $5,000 for your education!

Jun 1 – Ted Rollins and Valeo Partners award a $1,000 scholarship to a student who is majoring in a field related to sustainability  

Jun 1 – $1500 essay about the consequences of obesity

Jun 1 – $1000 Gym Pros Scholarship  

Jun 9 – National ACT Exam (deadline to register is 5-4-2018)

Jun 10 – All interested in our $2,000 scholarship must submit an essay on the topic: “What does financial success mean to me?”  

Jun 15 – Tell us your unique story, how has your family contributed to who you are today?

Jun 15 – $500 Pretty Lightroom Presets essay contest

Jun 25 – We invite all siblings of individuals with a developmental disability to apply to the $1500 Drew Swan Sibling Scholarship  

Jun 18 – Ocean Awareness Contest, several awards of up to $1,500  

Jun 30 – $1,500 Student-Caregiver Scholarship

Jun 30 – Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship essay contest  

Jun 30 – Because College is Expensive $500 Scholarship  

Jul 1 – $1000 Fleming College Scholarship, essay about ideas and solutions to reduce drunk driving car accidents

Jul 1 – Mind Lab Pro $2500 National Academic Scholarship

Jul 1 – Store Coach’s $1000 Entrepreneur Scholarship – if you are planning to start an online business, Store Coach wants to help fund your degree

Jul 8 – Write an essay about why attending college and your field of study are important to you. $500 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship

Jul 14 – National ACT Exam (deadline to register is 6-15-2018)

Jul 15 – $1,000 Creative Safety Supply Scholarship, essay about your career path,

Jul 31 – Card Rates Financial Futures Scholarship for a student planning to major in business, accounting, finance, mathematics, management, and others related to the personal finance industry  

Aug 1 – $1,000 Applicants must submit an essay about financial freedom and what it means to them.

Aug 25 –  The “Hit The Books Scholarship” will award one student up to $500 dollars to be used for educational books and materials.

Aug 31 – $500, August 31, 2018 –  

Sep 10 – Scholarship opportunity for students looking to love their careers!

Oct 19 – $2,500 Small Business Scholarship  

Oct 31 – My Projector Lamps $500 scholarship 

Oct 31 – American Bullion $1000 Scholarship “What are the benefits of diversifying a retirement account with gold and bitcoin?

Nov 1 – $1000 Ivey Engineering Scholarship essay  

Dec 1 – Women in Science Environmental Scholarship $500,

Dec 1 – Dronenthusiast encourages female students who are choosing to pursue science. $500 scholarship for a college-bound student

Dec 15 – $1000 ResumeGenius scholarship  

Dec 31 – Top Ten List Scholarship easy essay required

Dec 31 – $1500 Fieldboom scholarship to help foster the next generation of marketers, software developers and entrepreneurs.  


Mrs. Price’s NOTES:

1-       Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form is the first step toward getting federal aid for college, career school, or graduate school. Get more information at

2-       ACT practice in your core classes – take it seriously!

3-      www.act.orgACT, take it often – at least three times in your Junior year, two times in your Senior year, if needed.

4- – for extra Math and English practice

5-      Juniors and Seniors, seek parental approval to sign up for a (free) email to use for scholarships, college information, and career applications. I suggest you create an email name that would be an asset for you to use, such as, . Those are my initials and the email suggests I have goals. Be creative and impressive and make sure you have your parents’ permission.

6-       Ask your parents if you can set up a profile on,, and These sites will email scholarship opportunities to you (using that new email you created) that MATCH your interests and abilities.

7-      Frequently check for opportunities and scholarships available in our area.

8-      Frequently check for scholarships.

9-  – a website that provides help to improve your ASVAB score as well as other standardized test scores. It is free.

10-    Download a free small booklet about college campus visits and questions you should ask by ACT:

11- – tour any college campus, online!

12- – search the educational directory by state/major/other

13- – a common app for SCHOLARSHIPS that is free service

14- – The College Financial Aid Finder


Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord….

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.


The purpose of the Counselor’s Corner is to communicate opportunities with EMCA students and parents. Please use your own discretion concerning these opportunities. The inclusion of the scholarships and opportunities file does not mean they are endorsed by Mrs. Price or by East Memorial Christian Academy. Also, each of you should continue your personal search for opportunities/scholarships/etc. as notifications by the EMCA Guidance Office cannot possibly be all-inclusive.

~ Mrs. Price